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12 CD-BOX Schubert Works for fortepiano

‚Ķit is the mighty Wandererfantasie that claims the spotlight in this programme and, frankly, I know of no better performance, on historical pianos or modern ones. Compare interpretations as varied as those of Brendel, Richter and Perahia, and though each has great strengths, none so fully portrays the proportions, the shapes and textures, or the sheer drama of this difficult but magnificent work‚Ķ International Record Review (GB)

This series continues to be most impressive. Vermeulen must be the ideal Schubert player, and the instrument, a superbly restored Streicher und Sohn of 1826, has an astonishing range of dynamics form a powerful fortissimo to an especially beautiful pianissimo, and it has a wonderful clarity of articulation. What more need I say? Except to repeat the advice I gave in the April EMR: if you haven't already come across these discs, buy the whole set immediately! Early Music Review (GB)

Schubert reste Schubert, heureusement et tout aussi heureusement Vermeulen reste Vermeulen. Ce qui est présenté ici appartient à la classe de ces productions d'exception qui amènent dès les premières notes la sensation que "c'est ainsi que cela doit être joué"Crescendo (B)

Dubbel-cd Schumann Works for fortepiano

‚Ķen mi opini√≥n, estamos ante uno de los mejores, quiz√° el mejor, de los editados con motivo del bicentenario del nacimiento de Robert Schumann. Diverdi (Esp)

Mitunter hat man beim Anh√∂ren den Eindruck, dass Vermeulen einen lang verlorenen Schl√ľssel wiedergefunden hat, der vergessene Klangr√§ume √∂ffnet. Diese CD ist ohne Zweifel der wichtigste Nachtrag zum Schumann-Jubil√§umsjahr 2010. Ouverture (D)


Renate Leysen

Tel: +32 498 50 26 66

Pianoforteduo Vermeulen Peeters

Cd 3 van de zevendelige reeks met Schuberts integrale oeuvre voor vierhandig klavier bij het label Etcetera is verschenen!

Programma: Sonate in C, D823 Grand Duo

Sechs Polonaisen, D824

Concerttrip naar Zagreb in februari

Recital in Duitsland in juni (Markt Nordheim)

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